Hi there and welcome to Pitman!

We are really excited to have you visit us today and hope that I can share some insight into what makes us tick!

To do this I thought it best to introduce you to our Founder SeAnn Pitman and find out what drives her to create this awesome new online shopping experience.


 Why did you choose the bridal industry to make your debut?

My family has been in bridal for nearly 30 years now. My grandma started with a little fabric shop in Strathpine,QLD and from there she started designing wedding gowns and hiring them out to brides. From there she moved into a bigger premises and started making the gowns to sell as well as hire. She did this for about 5 years before my parents got involved and made our physical retail stores (Sugar & Spice) what they are today. I grew up under the cutting tables out in the back room and from there I used to help out after school and on Saturdays when I got a little bigger.

Family is really important to me and as an only child I knew that I wanted to carry on the family legacy but I knew it would never be in a strictly retail store sense which is why after some years of trying to work out what the market is missing we have created a beautiful blend for those who love online shopping but are terrorised about what might actually turn up on their door step!

What is the idea behind Pitman exactly?

The idea stemmed from all the horrendous horror stories we are told on a weekly basis of brides buying crappy ebay (or china direct) dresses. I’ve heard pretty much all possible outcomes! I’ve seen ivory dresses that have turned up GOLD, I’ve seen white dresses turn up SILVER, I’ve heard of gowns that just haven’t bothered to turn up at all and every combination thereof!

It seems that buying online is only becoming more and more popular as we all become more time stressed as life gets busier and busier. So instead of watching brides waste their money on shoddy dresses I decided to turn the tables on online dress shopping by providing an opportunity for the girls to try on the dresses and touch and feel the quality of the gowns before purchasing online.

By purchasing online and getting the gowns shipped directly to your door we are saving on various fees and staff hours involved in prepping the gowns for you and therefore we are able to offer these gowns to you at a much reduced RRP.

Our philosophy is not about selling cheap crap online, it’s about offering quality products at reasonable prices for real Australian people (which means they actually are designed for our shape and not tiny, petite sizing).

What’s next for Pitman?

I am very excited at the moment because I have just sealed the deal with an AMAZING cocktail/race/evening wear supplier. We will be bringing you hot, sexy, trend setting garments right to your living room in the second roll out of products!

So stay tuned! xx