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Real dresses for real women.

Discover an exciting new range of made to order dresses designed with quality & structure at the heart of each & every single style.

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Our highlighted styles that are currently trending.

Why buy from Pitman?

Here’s four great reasons why your next purchase should be with us.

Designed in Australia

Our styles are crafted to fit real, everyday women of all shapes & styles.

Family owned & run

Pitman is founded on three generations of experience & expertise.

100% made to order

We deliver better prices by doing away with over-sized warehouses.

Delivered in 90 days

The same time frames as in-store, but it’s delivered to your door.

Made to order dresses of all types.

Start your journey through timeless, seasonal & fresh new styles.

New Evening Wear Range

Add our new arrivals to your weekly lineup.

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